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My life outside wedding photography

Hi, I’m Bev. Wife to one, mum to three, House Mother to forty, and a forever-smiling wedding photographer in Kent. 

As much as I personally hate having my photo taken, I absolutely adore photography. My husband calls me ‘family paparazzi’ and jokes I could make a flipbook for each of our kids! I’m a proper podcast junkie and an ice cream addict. I love impossibly huge peonies and woodlands carpeted with bluebells. And I love elephants! I would genuinely want one as a pet, but my husband won’t let me. Although I think I’m wearing him down.

“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love is actually all around”

~ Love Actually

Who I am

When I’m not thinking up names for my pet elephant, chasing my kids around with a camera or shooting weddings, I’m a House Mother to forty teenage girls at a boarding school.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it’s just as hectic and exhausting as it sounds! But the good news is, after being so heavily outnumbered by teenagers all day, wedding parties are a walk in the park!

When I was little I loved to dance (“she’s always bloody dancing”, as my incredibly Northern Grandad used to say). I went to ballet, I did tap, I did modern dance…basically if there was a beat, I’d move my feet. The more acrobatic ballet moves escape me nowadays but I’ll definitely still pull a few moves on the dancefloor at your wedding (I’m a real sucker for the Argentine tango)!

And of course, my husband and children are the loves of my life. They keep me grounded and help me soar, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But given the chance, I might trade them for a pet elephant…

It was so perfect, and you made it even more so! We honestly cannot thank you enough! You were there at every moment and helped in every way!

~ Lewis and Lucy

My favourite thing about being a wedding photographer

memories • belly laughes • emotions

When I think of my favourite memories, my friends and family are at the heart of them all.

Whether it’s holidays with my children, belly laughs with my friends or just cuddling up with my husband on the sofa, the very best memories of my life have been defined by the love that fills them.

And that’s why I love being a wedding photographer. Because on a day surrounded by all your favourite people, those lifetime memories will come thick and fast. Prosecco and giggles with your bridesmaids, a manly hug with your best man, jiving away with your nan on the dancefloor, a little knowing look and smile you give each other across the room. 

These are the memories that you’ll hold in your heart for the rest of your lives. And the moments I want to capture for you as your wedding photographer. So when you look through your wedding album in years to come, you’ll see a cascade of moments from all the different kinds of love that’ve brought colour to your life.



Black Forest Gateau is my favourite and my choice of birthday cake every time.


I love elephants and I have a dream to visit an elephant sanctuary one day.  


I hate coffee! 


Flowers make me happy and I get genuinely excited for Peony season, my sister says this makes me old. 


I believe you’re never too old to dance in the rain.


I am terrible at cooking, my husband is the family chef. In my opinion a kitchen is for dancing!

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